Our Value Proposition

HRDE is a professional services firm that helps individuals and organizations leverage learning and development by focusing on the learner autonomy that exists in all individuals. Focusing on learner autonomy allows HRDE to help you leverage all opportunities for learning by helping you create conditions that expand the natural learning behaviors of those you are helping to develop.

HRDE has facilitated adult learning, professional education, higher education and workplace learning since 1989. Our consultants specialize in developing systems that encourage, support and certify both formal and informal learning.

We assess learner autonomy for both individuals and organizations. We provide plans designed to respond directly to the assessment results and will work with you to create interventions that enhance capacity for autonomous learning for both individuals and your organization.

HRDE is unique in 3 ways:

  • We teach you to fish: Our goal is to develop internal experts within your organization, able to “fish without HRDE.” We challenge and support you through an interactive question/clarification process that allows you to envision a learning future and then execute the critical actions necessary to create that future, including:

    • Creating a learning system--A strategically defined framework of experiences that build learning capabilities and drive personal and developmental outcomes
    • Stimulating critical thinking and ensuring new knowledge is shared across the entire organization quickly and intuitively
    • Installing experiences that meet the needs of all of your learners--from early career through the most seasoned team members

  • We don’t develop training courses or programs. We help you build a learning culture, where learning is embedded into all parts of the organization. We assess the learning intentions and behaviors of your team members. This is critical to understanding how they learn best and what they want for learning and development experiences.

    HRDE will help you develop processes to infuse learning throughout your organization to leverage learner autonomy. Depending on your needs, we will:

    • Conduct a learning audit to assess current culture
    • Identify best solutions to address key learning needs
    • Design interventions to create and sustain a learning culture

  • We help you leverage the 80% rule: 80% of all learning is done autonomously. HRDE experts will identify organizational enhancers and barriers to this learning and recommend actions to increase this informal learning. Our Learner Autonomy Profile™ develops a learning profile for each person, identifying ways to increase learning in the 80% zone.
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