HRDE is a professional services firm that helps organizations leverage learning and development activities by focusing on the learner autonomy that occurs naturally in all organizations.

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We help you exploit all opportunities for learning by building learning infra-structures - systems that extend the natural learning behaviors of everyone in your organization.

HRDE is unique in 3 ways:

  • We do not develop training programs and courses.   We focus on developing a learning culture, where learning is completely embedded into all parts of the organization.  To build a learning culture, you must create new knowledge, and capture the knowledge that already exists.  Finally you must share knowledge with whomever needs it, whenever and wherever they want it.  Learning is natural and instinctive.  

    HRDE will help you think systemically, developing mechanisms that infuse learning throughout your organization.  Depending on your needs, we will conduct learning audits, identify knowledge nodes, help you integrate web and other technologies and design activities and learning interventions, all to support the learning culture.

  • We teach you to fish.   We challenge and support you through an interactive question/clarification process so that you identify the best solutions and implementations for your organization.  A vital part of our relationship is to teach you how to understand and use learning metrics to obtain valid, reliable information; and how to organize the process of collecting data so that it gives you the information you need to answer your questions. Our goal is to develop experts and expert learners, able to "fish for the rest of their lives."

  • We will teach you to leverage the "80% rule."   It has been estimated that 80% of all learning is done autonomously (without training support). HRDE learning experts will identify organizational enhancers and barriers to this learning, and devise methods to increase this informal learning in your organization.

    Our Learner Autonomy Profile™ develops a learning profile for each person, identifying ways to increase the learning in the "80% zone."

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