Gary J. Confessore, Ed.D. - Principal
Gary J. Confessore is an international leader in the field of autonomous learning. In addition to serving as the Chief Academic Officer of three US colleges over the course of his career, he has published extensively in the fields of self-directed learning and learner autonomy.
Sharon J. Confessore, Ph.D. - Principal
Sharon J. Confessore has experience as director of an executive leadership program designed to serve senior corporate officers. She has published extensively in the fields of learner autonomy and workplace learning. She has served as a consultant on learning systems to major government, educational, and non-profit organizations as well as professional associations.
Paul B. Carr, Ed.D. - Senior Associate
Paul B. Carr specializes in assessing learner resourcefulness as a component of learner autonomy. He has served as president of a successful business in which enhancing learner resourcefulness among employees significantly improved bottom line results.
M. Gail Derrick, Ed.D. - Senior Associate
M. Gail Derrick specializes in assessing learner persistence as a component of learner autonomy. She has extensive experience in curriculum development and supervision in public school and community settings. Her expertise is program design, implementation, and evaluation.
Donna Meyer, Ed.D. - Senior Associate
Donna Meyer specializes in assessing the precursors to the intention to learn (desire) as a component of learner autonomy. She is an experienced educator and counselor who has concentrated on learner motivation. Her work provides new insights into the relationship between self-efficacy and learner autonomy.
Michael K. Ponton, Ed.D. - Senior Associate
Michael K. Ponton specializes in assessing learner initiative as a component of learner autonomy. A highly respected physical acoustics engineer, in recent years he has concentrated on adult learning and workplace learning.
Christopher S. Price, B.S. - Senior Associate
Christopher S. Price is a skilled and imaginative software/systems engineer. It is his responsibility to ensure that our web-based assessment instruments and the statistical packages that support them function in an effective and user-friendly manner.
EunMi Park, Ed.D.- Senior Associate and Director of Research
EunMi Park specializes in assessing learner orientation as a component of learner autonomy. She is a leader in the field of learner autonomy in Asian and North American cultures and she has served as Executive Director of one of the leading Asian associations of adult educators.