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There are two forms of the LAP. Both forms are available in English and Spanish, and both provide scores on 4 scales and 22 components of behavioral intentions associated with learner autonomy. Version 3.0 provides sufficient detail for specific interventions by a Certified Learner Autonomy Coach. The Short Form is intended for research projects that compare LAP results with demographic factors selected by the researcher but should not be used for interventions. The Short Form is also useful as a quick screen to determine whether a sub-population should complete Version 3.0 so an appropriate intervention can be planned. This use has the effect of reducing the amount of time spent when large numbers of persons are assessed.

If you elect to use the LAP in your work, registration for either form will cost $5.00 per person whether they eventually complete the survey or not. Short Form Reports will cost $5.00 and Version 3.0 Reports will cost $15.00. If you are a graduate student conducting research in connection with your degree program, we will waive the registration fees. Registration pages can be tailored to your needs at a rate of $75.00 per hour. Normally, creation of a new page requires approximately 4 hours. We will provide .data dumps. in SPSS or EXCEL format for $35.00 per request and we will conduct data analyses for you, if you wish, at a rate of $75.00 per hour. These rates may be adjusted depending on the size of your project. The authors have also authorized some price adjustments for bona fide graduate students undertaking research projects as part of their degree requirements.

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